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August 10, 2004 Internship Journal

I was told on Monday that Mrs. Baker loves me. Everyday, she has continued to ask me when she can drink or eat and when she is going home. I wish that she hated me because it breaks my heart even more to tell her that she can not drink or eat until she can swallow safely. She is improving though. She is off of the ventilator during the daytime and she is only on during the night time because of her sleep apnea.

Mrs. Adams also continues to improve. We are getting close to getting her off of the ventilator. Her abdominal pain is still a ministry. I have had a GI doctor as well as a surgeon who saw her before come see her, and nobody has any idea why she is still in pain. Luckily, is not getting worse and the morphine helps. Her right hand looked like it was getting contracted partially from her disease and partially from nonuse, so I spoke to her OT about splitting it and she confessed that she had not thought about that. Michelle's influence on me as an occupational therapist has obviously been strong.

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