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August 15, 2004 Internship Journal

I survived another night of call. Hurricane Charlie did its part of keeping patients away. I hardly slept though because I would fall asleep and 20 minutes later my pager would go off. I would answer the call, then it would take me 20 minutes to fall sleep, and then 20 minutes later, it would go off-again. Luckily, the night was uneventful, but unfortunately, this cycle pretty much continued throughout the night.

Mrs. Adams is off of her ventilator. She is doing very well on 28% oxygen (21% is room air). Her spirits seem to be much better now. I am trying my best to keep her from having to go to a nursing home. She does not want to go, but she has to be able to take care of herself if she goes home because she lives with her mother who is in her sixties. She is extremely weak because she has been in the hospital since June.

Mrs. Baker's doing much better as well. She passed her swallowing evaluation, so she is able to eat food as long as it is pureed. She is not able to eat very much of it, so she is still getting her tube feeds at night. The emotional uplift from her being able to eat is quite evident though.

None of my other admissions have been interesting.

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