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October 6, 2004 Internship Journal

I left cardiology on Friday, October 1 and I started on infectious disease consults. Mrs. Cook was very sad to see me go.

Some of you know, but most of you don't. The Today show is picking up my story. I have not mentioned it to many people because I wanted to wait until it happened. Their news crew was here last night and today. Melissa Stark, formerly on Monday night football, has a segment on the show called "Against the odds," and that is what they interviewed me for. She wasn't actually here today for personal reasons, but that will be our secret.

I am putting this in my journal because I know most of you are curious. They came over yesterday while I was still at work and interviewed Michelle. After I got home, they filmed us doing everyday things. It was weird eating dinner with a camera in my face. They filmed me on my hand bike, on my computer, outside, and getting onto my shower chair. Then today, they followed me around the hospital. It was also weird to go down the hall with a camera either in front of me, next me, or behind me. I won't steal the thunder from the whole show, but they spent most of the morning with me, and interviewed some of the people that I work worth. It will air either November 10, 11th or 12th. I will be certain to let everyone know.

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