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Unfortunately, I am not any further along than I was a year ago. Since last years golf tournament, I learned that my injury was much more severe than I had thought. I learned that only 10% of people get as much recovery as I did, and only less than 1% have a functional recovery.

This of course was hard to swallow. It is the first time in my life that hard work, grit, and determination did not pay off. Fortunately, Michelle and I have coped with this well as a team. I have enough function to be a physician with someone helping me examine patients, write notes, and return phone calls. At home, I am able to feed myself and brush my teeth, as well as be independent on my computer. These small things have given me much more independence, which has given me a very high quality of life. We are excited about the advances in spinal cord research and are hoping for a cure sometime in the future.

Train hard or go home!