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Hello everyone, I am going into physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). I know that most of you do not know what this is. I did not know what it was until after my accident. This is from one of the web sites. PM&R, also referred to as physiatry, is the medical specialty concerned with diagnosis, evaluation, and management of persons of all ages with physical and/or cognitive impairments and disability. This specialty involves diagnosis and treatment of patients with painful or functionally limiting conditions, the management of comorbidities and coimpairments, diagnostic and therapeutic injection procedures, and emphasis on the prevention of complications of disability from secondary conditions.

Physiatrists are trained in the diagnosis and management of impairments of the neurologic, musculoskeletal (including sports and occupational aspects) and other organ systems and the long-term management of patients with disabling conditions. Physiatrists provide leadership to multidisciplinary (P.T./OT/recreational therapy/speech therapy) teams concerned with maximal restoration or development of physical, psychological, social, occupational and vocational functions in persons whose abilities have been limited by disease, trauma, congenital disorders or pain to enable people to achieve their maximum functional abilities.

As you all can see, it is a perfect fit for me.

The PM&R part of my residency is three years long. I will be doing this at the Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation. I first have to do a one year internal medicine internship, which I will do at East Carolina University.